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English Homework PKP (22/5/2020)

Tarikh: 22/5/2020

Class: 4UTM, 4UPM, 4USM

Topic: Simple Past Tense

Watch the video below and answer the following questions.

Do the exercise below. Fill in the blanks with correct Simple Past Tense Form.

  1. Yesterday I ________ (go) to IOI Mall with my parents.
  2. I ______ (wash) my hands with soaps three times this morning.
  3. Last night, my mother______ (put) her watch on the table.
  4. A week ago, Luqman _______ (travel) to Penang to visit his uncle.
  5. Siti ______ (jump) into the new pool because she was very excited.
  6. Two years ago, John ______(love) eating instant noodles but now he is not.
  7. The little girl _______(cry) because her doll was missing.