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English Homework 16/6/2020

Subject: English

Date: 16 June 2020 (Tuesday)

Classes: 4UPM, 4UTM, 4USM

Topic: Celebrations/Uniformed Bodies

Skill: Reading/Vocabulary


Match the uniformed bodies and organizations below with their names in English.

  1. Polis Diraja Malaysia
  2. Jabatan Imigresen
  3. Jabatan Kastam Diraja
  4. Tentera Darat Diraja Malaysia
  5. Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia
  6. Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia

  • Royal Malaysian Navy
  • Royal Malaysian Police
  • Royal Malaysian Air Force
  • The Malaysian Army
  • Royal Malaysian Customs Department
  • Malaysian Immigration Department

Extra work: Search the images for all the uniformed bodies above in your Google browser.

Do you want to become one of them one day ?