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English Homework 17/6/2020

Subject: English

Date: 17 June 2020 (Wednesday)

Classes: 4UPM, 4UTM, 4USM

Topic: Celebrations

Skill: Listening/Speaking


  1. Watch the Youtube video entitled “Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan 2019”. The video is narrated in Bahasa Melayu but focus on what was happening during the event.
  2. After that, answer the following questions (without writing down) as a speaking practice.

  • What were the people in the video celebrating ?
  • In your opinion, how do you think the people feel ? Why ?
  • Name 3 uniformed departments that involved in the parade ?
  • Do you want to go there with your family ? Give one reason.
  • Give 1 benefit of this kind of program to the young Malaysians.