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English Homework (23/20/2020)

Subject: English

Date: 23 OKTOBER 2020 (Friday)

Classes: 4UPM, 4UTM, 4USM

Topic: Amazing Animals

Skill: Writing/Grammar


1.Open English Year 4 textbook page 86. Look at the animal pictures. Name each animal.

2. Get a dictionary and find the meaning of the adjectives in the red boxes.


pretty = cantik cute = comel

3. The write a sentence for each animal using a suitable adjective. from the boxes. You can use more than 1 adjectives.


I think a kitten is cute.

I think a giraffe is tall and pretty.

Note: For who doesn’t have the Activity Book, write down your answers on a piece of blank paper NOT in Buku Latihan. Then keep them in a file.

Snap a picture of your answers and send to Sir Nabil by WhatsApp (011-28845108).