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English Homework (10/11/2020)

Subject: English

Date: 9 NOVEMBER 2020 (Tuesday)

Classes: 4UPM, 4UTM, 4USM

Topic: Get Active

Skill: Speaking


1.Here is a dialogue script about Favourite Sports. Read and understand the script first.

A.What sport do you like?
B.I like playing badminton.

A.Is it easy to play that sport?
B.Yes, it’s pretty easy to play.

A.Is that sport popular in your country?
B.Yes, it is.

A.How long have you been practicing that sport?
B.I have been practicing it for 5 years.

A.Who do you play sports with?
B.I play badminton with my friends, sometimes with my brother.

2. Role -play the dialogue above with your parent at home at least 2 times.

Note: Write down your answers on a piece of blank paper NOT in Buku Latihan. Then keep them in a file.

Snap a picture of your answers and send to Sir Nabil by WhatsApp (011-28845108).