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English Homework (25/11/2020)

Subject: English

Date: 25 NOVEMBER 2020 (Wednesday)

Classes: 4UPM, 4UTM, 4USM

Topic: Get Active

Skill: Reading


1.Open Year 4 textbook page 96. Read the passage entitled Which Is The Most Popular Sport In Your Country ? Use a dictionary to find meanings of words.

2. Answer the following questions.

  • What is the most popular sports in Australia ?
  • In which country table tennis is popular ?
  • How many teams are there in a cricket match ?
  • How many players are there in each hockey team ?

Note: Write down your answers on a piece of blank paper NOT in Buku Latihan. Then keep them in a file.

Snap a picture of your answers and send to Sir Nabil by WhatsApp (011-28845108).


IMPORTANT: These are sample answers but first you must answer all the questions by yourself.