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PdPR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 6 (7/5/2021)

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Subject: English

Date: 7 MAY 2021 (JUMAAT)

Classes: 6UUM, 6UM, 6UKM

Topic: Healthy and Wise

Skill: Writing


1.Facebook LIVE session.

**No LIVE session this time. Go to STEP 2.

2. Video tutorial session.

**No video this time.

3. Read the recipe below on how to make Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap. Know the ingredients.

**Tidak perlu salin nota di atas.

4. Do the exercise below. This exercise is online. You do not need to write it down in the exercise book.

Complete the cooking instructions below with correct words.

1.First,________ a tablespoon of olive oil on a pan.

2.________the onion on the pan until it becomes tender.

3.________the chicken breast and 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper.

4.After the chicken is cooked, ___________ it to a plate. Then, add some low-fat mayonnaise, asparagus, carrots and lettuce.

5._________the chicken salad in the middle of a whole grain wrap.

6.Lastly,_________ and roll the wrap.

** Taip jawapan latihan anda di dalam Google Form diberikan dan tekan SUBMIT.