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PdPR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 6 (25/6/2021)

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Subject: English

Date: 25 JUNE 2021 (FRIDAY)

Classes: 6UUM, 6UM, 6UKM

Topic: Land Of Glory

Skill: Grammar


1. Watch a short video about how to use articles.


2. Complete the passage given with a, an or the.


1. the is used before superlative adjective

For example: the tallest boy in the class, the richest man in the country

2. the is used to refer to a noun that is unique and the only one.

For example: The moon, the sun, the media, the internet.

3. no article is needed for proper nouns

For example: in Kuala Lumpur, at KL Tower, at IOI Mall

4. no article is needed before plural nouns in general

I am not wearing shoes.

5. a/an is used to used before a singular countable noun. It indicates ONE.

a book, a hotel, an apple, an umbrella