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PdPR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun (26/7/2021)

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Subject: English

Date: 26 JULY 2021 (MONDAY)

Classes: 6UUM, 6UM, 6UKM

Topic: A Ringgit Saved A Ringgit Earned

Skill: Speaking


1. Watch a short story about the benefits of saving money.


2. Study the situation in the pictures below. Try to talk about it.

1. What is Amin doing in the first picture ?

2. Where do Amin and his mother go ?

3. Why do they go there ?

4. Who do you think the lady in the green baju kurung is ?



3. Rearrange the dialogues below in correct order. After that, role-play the dialogues with your parents 2 times.

A. Amin: Why do we need to save money ?

B. Mother: That is a lot of money Amin. Let’s go to the bank tomorrow.

C. Amin: My money box is already full mother.

D. Mother: It is important to save money for our future needs.

E. Amin: Right now I have RM250.

F. Mother: Really ? Let’s count how much money you have saved.

G. Amin: Why do we have to go to the bank mother?

H. Mother: Saving money in the bank is safer than saving at home. Besides that, we can get profits by saving money there.




4. Type the dialogues in the Google Form provided.