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PdPR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 6 (28/7/2021)

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Subject: English

Date: 28 JULY 2021 (WEDNESDAY)

Classes: 6UUM, 6UM, 6UKM

Topic: A Ringgit Saved A Ringgit Earned

Skill: Writing


1. Watch a short video tutorial about how to make flowers from plastic bottles.


2. Study the pictures below about making a candle stand from a plastic bottle.

Complete the instructions below with suitable words or phrases.

1.First, _______the top of the _____bottle with a pair of_________.

2.Then, cut the sides into six_________.

3.After that, __________ and move the flaps __________.

4. ________the flaps to make them look like flower________.

5. Next, ________some glitter dust__________ the petals.

6. Lastly, put a small___________ at the ___________ of the flower.


Answers: centre – candle – slits – sprinkle – on – outwards – fold – cut – scissors – plastic – petals – shape


3. Type all the complete instructions in the Google Form below.