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PdPR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 6 (17/8/2021)

Kehadiran murid bagi sesi PdPR hari ini adalah dengan cara melengkapkan dan menghantar Latihan Google Form di akhir sesi.

Subject: English

Date: 17 AUGUST 2021 (TUESDAY)

Classes: 6UUM, 6UM, 6UKM

Topic: The Obedient Son

Skill: Speaking


1. Watch a video on how to ask for permission. (meminta kebenaran)

2. Read some other examples on how to ask for permission. Practice saying them 2 times.

3. Study the situations in the pictures. Then, complete the speech bubbles with suitable sentences.

Choose the best answer:

– I love you so much.

– May I go find some food in the jungle today, mother ?

– I want to go to the jungle today.

– I promise that I will take care of her as long as I live.