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PdPR Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 6 (26/8/2021)

Kehadiran murid bagi sesi PdPR hari ini adalah dengan cara melengkapkan dan menghantar Latihan Google Form di akhir sesi.

Subject: English

Date: 26 AUGUST 2021 (THURSDAY)

Classes: 6UUM, 6UM, 6UKM

Topic: Go Green (Revision)

Skill: Writing


1. Watch a video about Plastic Pollution. (pencemaran plastic)

2. Study the tips in the graphic on how to reduce plastic use in everyday life.

Important words:

1. reusable = guna semula

2. container = bekas

3. disposable = pakai buang

4. compostable = boleh terurai

5. leftover = saki baki


3. Complete the paragraph below with suitable information from the graphic. Type the answers in the Google Form.

There are nine tips for ____(1)____ the use of plastic bags in our daily life. Bring our own ____(2)____ when we go shopping at a supermarket. Don’t ask for plastic bags from the cashier. At school, instead of buying drinks in plastic bottles, students should use ____(3)___ water bottles to keep their drinking water. At the office, bring our own ____(4)____ if we want to drink coffee or tea. Then, whenever we want to eat rice or noodles for lunch, avoid using ____(5)____cutlery. Bring our own stainless steel forks and spoons from home. Normally at home mothers will put leftover food in plastic containers. This is the time to use____(6)____ because they are more environmentally friendly. Lastly, when we want to dispose rubbish from the kitchen, use ____(7)____ to put the rubbish in. This type of bags is safe for the environment unlike the plastic bags.